Last modified : 2019-08-21

Search Engines:

  • Write keyword(s) in the search box on the left. You will then get all the tables about the keyword(s) chosen.
  • Select one item in one of the boxes on the left underneath the search box. You will then get all the tables about the item chosen. To specify your research, select one item in more than one box.
  • Write keyword(s) in the search box on the left and once you get the results, filter them by selecting one item in one or more of the boxes underneath.
  • Use the advanced search engine located in the main menu.
After having selected a particular table in the research results, you will come to a page providing information about this table and a means to access it. There are two options depending on the situation:
  • "Go to table in its original location" links you to the table online, that is in its location inside the website of the statistics agency from where it originates;
  • "Go to the PDF version or EXCEL version” brings you to a copy of the table. This option appears when it is not possible to reach the table online, that is when the table is temporarily or permanently unavailable in its original location, is an excerpt from a publication, is translated and/or compiled by Arcticstat or when the table is exclusive and only accessible through Arcticstat.

ArcticStat is updated periodically to contain, wherever possible, the most recent data available. While ArcticStat brings together data on a wide range of socioeconomic realities of Arctic regions, it does not cover all possible aspects. First, the data included in the databank follows ArcticStat's editorial orientations.  Secondly, these data are limited by the statistics agencies' production and the availability of data free of charge and accessible in english. 

ArcticStat is not responsible for the policies and practices of statistics agencies, the errors in the tables originating from these agencies, or the use made of such tables.

Users are asked to consult the methodology notes which are directly accessible via hyperlinks found in the tables and on the metadata page.

Required Tools
Most of the tables are available directly through web sites of the partners’ agencies. A browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Fire Fox must be installed in order to consult them. Some of the tables are available in a PDF format. In order to consult them Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed. To import the tables using copy / paste operations to to a spreadsheet or a word processing software, Adobe Acrobat Standard will give the best results. This site is available in any screen resolution, although the design is optimized for a 1024x768 setting. 



ArcticStat places no restriction on its use and all tables may be freely downloaded, but its users are requested to reference it as a source.

Recommended citation : [Reference to the table]*, found in ArcticStat,, on 2019-11-11.

By accepting the terms of agreement for this table, you are automatically accepting these terms for all the tables you will consult in the current session.

* Following the editorial standards or citation requirements of the statistical agency or publishing house.