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The tables indexed under Social Services contain data that refers to the number of individuals or households benefiting from the various types of insurance (health, invalidity, medication, etc.), pensions (old age, veteran, etc.), benefits (orphan, widow, etc.), parental leave, tax benefits for children, etc. This sub-indicator also includes the data on the various types of social services or programs: family mediation, child intervention, job search support, integration of immigrants, income supplement, residences for the elderly or the handicapped, low-cost housing, etc. This sub-indicator does not include the monetary data regarding the social services and programmes (indexed under Accounts in Health/Social Services) nor does it include the data on child day care (indexed under Level of Education and/or Enrollment in Education.

Faroe Islands 
Table 2009-01-05-11

Faroe Islands 
Table 2010-02-26-14

Faroe Islands 
Table 2015-06-29-10

Faroe Islands, Iceland 
Table 2011-02-17-08

Faroe Islands, Iceland 
Table 2016-07-26-05


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