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Metadata Norway

Statistics Norway
Statistics Norway publishes in English fragmented metadata linked to precise indicators. These metadata are here grouped by statistical indicators according to the classification chosen in ArcticStat.
Accounts for private kindergartens

Activities of adult learning associations

Adult education

Adult education, accreditd web-based schools

Annual account for private schools

Health and Social Services
Causes of death

Children's institutions

Dental health care

General practitioners services and emergency primary health care

Health accounts

Municipal health care services

Labor Force

Register unemployed among immigrants
Personal and Household Income
Cash transfers to families with children

Earnings of all employees

Population projections
The Population and Housing Census Handbook 2001
National Accounts
Regional accounts
Vital Statistics
National Health Monitoring System (NORHEALTH)
The metadata published in English by NORHEALTH can only be found in the various reports and publications produced by the agency.



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