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Metadata Canada

Statistics Canada
Statistics Canada publishes a complete section devoted to metadata which goes well beyond the statistical indicators chosen in ArcticStat. Users are invited to do more in-depth research in any one of the following sections. The documents presented here are a selection of the most relevant documents for ArcticStat.
Definitions, data sources and methods

Census 2016
2016 Reference Materials

2016 Census Dictionary

2016 Guide to the Census of Population

2016 Census Dictionary: Aboriginal Peoples
2016 Census: Aboriginal Peoples Reference Guide

2016 Census: Families Reference Guide

Census: Income Reference Guide

2016 Census: Housing Reference Guide

2016 Census: Structural Type of Dwelling and Collectives Reference Guide

2016 Census: Languages Reference Guide

2016 Census: Ethnic Origin Reference Guide

2016 Census: Visible Minority and Population Group Reference Guide

2016 Census: Place of Birth, Generation Status, Citizenship and Immigration reference Guide

2016 Census Questionnaires and Reporting Guides

2016 Census Geography Catalogue

Census 2011
2011 Census Dictionary 

2011 Census Questionnaires

Census 2006
2006 Census Dictionary

2006 Census Questionnaires

Census 2001
2001 Census Dictionary

Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS)
2017 Aboriginal Peoples Survey

2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey

2006 Aboriginal Peoples Survey

2006 Aboriginal Children’s Survey

2001 Aboriginal Peoples Survey

National Household Survey (NHS)
2011 NHS Dictionnary

2011 NHS User Guide

2011 NHS Aboriginal Peoples Reference Guide

2011 NHS Education Reference Guide

2011 NHS Labour Reference Guide

2011 Income Reference Guide

2011 NHS Housing Reference Guide

2011 NHS Questionnaire and Guides

National Accounts
System of Macroconomic Accounts




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